Massey Series

Each of these Framed Massy Collectibles feature a protective glass front, handsome oak frame, and autobiography of the artist on back dust cover. Each piece is personally signed by the artist and framed with a history of the tractor, or poem of your choice. Choose the history or poem from the drop down menu when ordering.

The pictures used in this web site must all be Lo-Res files so as to work on the internet. Although the images are not the high quality we are used to... the quality of our framed art is first class. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

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Massey-Harris 44 1947-1955 (14"x17")

The Massey-Harris 44 was proclaimed by some owners to be the finest tractor ever built in the 50's. It was made in Canada, Scotland and the United States. The 44 was one of the company's most popular tractors of it's time. (Click on Picture for more information). Price of $79. Includes Framing.

All Rights Reserved, Copyright by Edward C. Schaefer, 1993, 2014.


Massey-Harris Pony 1948-1957 (14"x17")

Massey Harris introduced the Model 11 Pony in 1948. This little tractor weighed just 1,890 lb. However, it could deliver 1,432 lb. of maximum drawbar pull. The Pony featured a Continental four-cylinder engine and was capable of more than 10hp. on the drawbar and over 11hp. on the belt. This little tractor was ideal for small acreage farms. It was also well suited for many chores on larger farms. Order with your choice of history or poem from our exclusive poem collection. (Click on picture for larger view). Price of $79. Includes Framing.

All Rights Reserved, Copyright By Edward C. Schaefer, 2009, 2014.


Massey Ferguson Model MF35 1960-1964 (14"x17")

Massey-Harris and Ferguson merged in the fall of 1953 to create the first world-wide agricultural manufacturing company. The blending of the two companies became apparent with the development of the Massey Ferguson 35 and 65 tractors. (Click on picture for more information). Price of $79. Includes Framing.

All Rights Reserved, Copyright by Edward C. Schaefer, 2007, 2014.


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