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Pennsy K4 (4-6-2) Locomotive with History (Framed 14"x17")
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Pennsy K4 Steam Locomotive with History (Framed 14"x17")

The Pennsylvania Railroad, steam locomotive No. 3750, is one of only two survivors of a fleet of 425 Class K4 Pacific engines built between 1914 and 1928. One of the most successful steam locomotives ever built, the K4's outnumbered any other steam engine, of any class, on any railroad in the United States. This locomotive serviced all parts of the PRR system, including the demanding mountain terrain. During more than 30 years of service, the K4 pulled all of Pennsy's "Blue Ribbon" passenger consists, including the renowned Broadway Limited. The K4 Class was still hauling commuter specials when Pennsy finally retired the class in late 1957. Many train buffs believe the Pennsy K4 ranks among the very best locomotives of all time.

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