Railroad Series > New York Central (4-6-4) Hudson with History (Framed 14"x17")
New York Central (4-6-4) Hudson with History (Framed 14"x17")
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New York Central (4-6-4) Hudson with History (Framed 14"x17")

From the very beginning in 1927, the (4-6-4) Hudson established a reputation for heavy haulage at high speeds. New York Central had 275 Hudson locomotives in service, which monopolized the road's express trains for over 20 years. It was the largest fleet of (4-6-4) locomotives on any railway and represented 63 percent of this type engine in the United States. The Hudson also hauled one of the nation's premier trains, the famous New York Central 20th Century Limited, from New York to Chicago. After World War II the new (4-8-4) Niagara engines replaced the Hudson on many of the heaviest runs, however, the reliable Hudson still worked daily on most of the 150 trains of the NYC system. Despite rapid change toward diesel engines, the Hudson remained in service until the mid-1950s.

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