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MCRR NO. 9 Shay Engine (11"x13")
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Midwest Central Railroad No. 9 Shay Engine (11"x13")

The No. 9 Shay type locomotive was built by Lima Locomotive Works, Lima Ohio, in 1923. All wheels are driven by three 12"x15" vertical engines through a flexible drive line and gear reduction, all on the right hand side. The boiler sits off center to compensate for the weight of the engines. This 80-ton locomotive is one of the three largest narrow gauge Shays ever built. It was owned and operated by the West Side Lumber Co. of Toulumne, CA. West Side Lumber Co. ran a 72 mile main line with many more miles of spurs in Toulumne County. The No. 9 would make one trip per day hauling giant logs from the timber down to the mill. The West Side Lumber Co. closed in the early 1960's and was the last steam powered narrow gauge logging railroad in the United States. No. 9 was shipped to the Midwest Central Railroad in 1966 and has operated at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa ever since.

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