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MCRR No. 6 Baldwin Engine (11"x13")

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Midwest Central Railroad No. 6 Baldwin Engine

The No. 6 was built by Baldwin in 1891. It is MCRR's oldest locomotive, originally built for the Surry, Sussex & Southampton Railroad in Virginia. When traffic declined  the No. 6 was sold to the Argent Lumber Co. in South Carolina to haul log trains suppling the lumber mills in Dendron. With its tender, the No. 6 locomotive weighs 30 tons and is 44 feet 2 inches long. In 1960, MCRR purchased No. 6 and it became the first locomotive to operate on the Midwest Central Railroad in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. It was the MCRR's main road engine until 1971, when it was taken out of service to be rebuilt. The ground up rebuild took 17 years to complete and in 1988 once again became the main engine for the MCRR. In 2005, No 6 was fitted with a handsome new smokestack and bright new headlamp to become a movie star in "The Legend of Dog Jack", a film set during the Civil War.

Finished framed piece features the history of the MCRR No. 6 Engine.

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