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Large Mouth Bass (Size 14x17)
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Large Mouth Bass (Size 14x17)

The Large Mouth Bass is an eager preditor with a jolting strike that all fishermen love to feel. The Large Mouth is well know for it's powerful fighting abilities and it's willingness to hit artifical lures. If you know someone special in your life is a Bass fiaherman this will make a great gift.

Fisherman's Prayer

Oh Lord, please grant me extra time, as through this life I roam. To fish your waters I so love, before you call me home.

Please grant me water, clean and clear, in rivers, stream and lake. And fill them full with hungry fish, a few that I may take.

Please give me wisdom, so I may know, which lure, today, is best. And help me catch the biggest fish, before my day of rest.

And Lord, I thank you everyday, for as long as life will last. Please grant me extra time, you see, to make just one more cast.

All Rights Reserved, Copyright by Edward C. Schaefer 2002.

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