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Fishing Buddies (Size 14"x17")
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Fishing Buddies (Size 14x17)

Sometimes your best friend is your best fishing buddy. I was very forturnate to have my Dad as my best fishing buddy. He wasn't the best fisherman, and neither am I, but he was great at sharing a boat, a lunch, and a story or two. Somethings in life are always better when you share them with someone you love. The poem, "To Dad With Love", is just one of the poems you may choose for this image.

To Dad With Love

Thank you, Dad, for all the times, you were there to care. The special moments in my life, when you were there to share.

You'll never know how much it meant, to have you there, you see, encouraged by your silent smile, I knew you cared for me.

And from your fine examples, you taught me right from wrong. I learned from you that sharing love, will also make us strong.

Thank you, Dad, for all that you, have sacrificed for me. And thank you, Lord, for making Dad, the best that he could be.

All Rights Reserved, Copyright by Edward C. Schaefer 1995.

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