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Salute To The Firefighter (14"x17")

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Salute To The Firefighter (14"x17")

'Salute To The Firefighter' is a beautiful tribute piece to our courageous firefighters. It features the poem, "Thank You, Lord, For Our Brave Firemen".

All Rights Reserved, By Edward Schaefer, Copyright 2014.



Thank You, Lord, For Our Brave Firemen

Thank you, Lord, for the man who fights, the roaring flames and human fears. The man who works to hone his skills, the devoted man who volunteers.

He keeps the trucks and fighting gear, always ready for the call. And when time comes is quick to challenge, the giant flames upon the wall.

This man is ready when he's called, to do a task that most men fear. He goes into the burning flames, to save the life we hold so dear.

O Lord we ask, please keep him safe.

All Rights Reserved, Copyright by Edward C. Schaefer 1994.


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