Fire Fighters Collection > 1964 American LaFrance Fire Truck (14"X17")
1964 American LaFrance Fire Truck (14"X17")
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Salute To The Fire Fighter

The sky is filled with smoke and flame, as fire trucks come from far and near. Someone's trapped within the blaze, but the Fire Fighter shows no fear.

Equipped for what might be ahead, into the flames they must advance. All efforts made to save a life, the risk is great, they take the chance.

And after all eternity, they struggle through the smoke and heat, emerging with the life in hand, while others fight till flames defeat.

Always ready when duty calls, committed to this job, they stand. We ask you, Lord, to keep them safe, and protect them with your guiding hand.

All Rights Reserved, Copyright by Edward C. Schaefer 1998.

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