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1969 Corvette Stirgray Convertible 14"x17"
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1969 Corvette Stingray Convertible (History)

In 1968, Chevrolet debuted the fifth generation styling for the famous Corvette. Developed from the Mako Shark II, show car design, the '68 Vette was met with mixed reviews by the "car experts". However, by 1969 the American car buyer let Chevrolet know they liked the new contemporary sports car, with a sales record of 38, 762 vettes. This was also the first year for the very popular 350 cubic inch power plant. Engine options included: the 350 cid, with 300 and 350 hp, or the 427 cid with 390, 400, 430, and 435 hp. There was also a ZL-1 aluminum block 427 cid which could produce almost 600 hp. The most notable change for the 1969 model was the return of the Sting Ray designation which was absent in 1968. Now spelled as one word, the 1969 Vette became the second generation Stingray.

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