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1957 Ford T-Bird
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1957 Ford T-Bird (History)

The first Thunderbird made its debut on October 27, 1954. The two-passenger sports car featured a stylish fiberglass hard top with a soft top convertible option. A choice of a 292 or 312 cubic inch V-8 powered the T-Bird making it so popular it outsold the Corvette in 1955 by a ratio of more than five to one. The 1957 T-Bird represents the first significant restyling since the Bird was introduced. A new front end, rear deck, and side panels featuring fins on the rear fenders, all combined to create the new look for 1957. The continental kit was also removed and the spare tire relocated inside the enlarged trunk. The '57 was the last model of the "Baby-Birds", with total 3 year production at 53,166 units.

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