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1917 - SPAD XIII (Size 14x17)
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1917 - SPAD XIII (Size 14X17)

The SPAD Type VII took to the air in April, 1916, and entered World War I in September. It was a single seat fighter of distinctive appearance, loved by the Allied pilots for its performance and durability. In April, 1917, the SPAD XIII was introduced. Powered by a 200 hp V-8 engine it had a wing span of 26 ft. 11 in., length of 20 ft. 4 in., max. T-O weight of 1,808 lbs., max. speed of 130 mph, and was armed with two Vickers machine-guns. The SPAD, one of the fastest fighters of the war, was flown by the notorious Lafayette Escadrille, a group of American flyers organized as a French squadron in 1916. The SPAD also later replaced the Nieuport 28s in the renowned 94th "Hat-in-the-Ring" American Squadron and was flown by the famous American ace Eddie Rickenbacher.

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