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1938 Piper Cub Model J-3 (Size 14X17)
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1938 Piper Cub model J-3 (Size 14X17)

The Cub was originally built by the Tayor Aircraft Co., which was reorganized as the Piper Aircraft Corp. in 1937. In 1938, the new J-3 model was introduced with a choice of Franklin, Continental, or Lycoming engines - all of them 40 hp., and all later developed to 65 hp. With the start of the Civilian Pilot Training Program, sales of the Piper Cub began to increase. The U.S. Army also began ordering the Cub for observation purposes in 1941. Over 14,125 were built for civilian use and 5,687 for the Army. Some notable qualities which made the Cub a favorite for light plane-flying jobs were its short distance take-offs and landings, high load carrying capacity for the horsepower (400-540 lbs.), and its overall durability. The Cub was truly a tribute to the growing American Aircraft industry.

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