Aviation Series > Boeing - Stearman Kaydet 1934-1945 (Size 14X17)
Boeing - Stearman Kaydet 1934-1945 (Size 14X17)
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Boeing - Stearman Kaydet 1934-1945 (Size 14X17)

Virtually thousands of aviators started their flying careers in the rugged, two-seated, Stearman biplane. Over 10,000 were produced between 1934 and 1945, making the Stearman one of the most widely-used basic trainers for the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army Air Corp during World War II. The Stearman Kaydet was originally designed and manufactured by Stearman Aircraft, Inc. and from1939 by Boeing's Stearman Aircraft Division. Most Kaydets were built with s 220 hp., seven cylinder radial engine, had a wing span of 32 ft. 2 in., length of 25 ft., max. T-O weight of 2,717 lbs., and max. speed of 124 mph. After World War II, many of these durable biplanes were converted for use as crop dusters. Today, the colorful Stearman continues its notable history as a crowd-pleaser at air shows across the country.

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